Dansereau, D., Pizarro, O. & Williams, S.B.
Linear volumetric focus for light field cameras
In ACM Transations in Graphics, vol. 34, no. 2, Feb, 2015, pp. 15.1-15.20, ISSN. 0730-0301

We demonstrate that the redundant information in light field imagery allows volumetric focus, an improvement of signal quality that maintains focus over a controllable range of depths. To do this, we derive the frequency-domain region of support of the light field, finding it to be the 4D hyperfan at the intersection of a dual fan and a hypercone, and design a filter with correspondingly shaped passband. Drawing examples from the Stanford Light Field Archive and images captured using a commercially available lenslet-based plenoptic camera, we demonstrate that the hyperfan outperforms competing methods including planar focus, fan-shaped antialiasing,and nonlinear image and video denoising techniques. We show the hyperfan preserves depth of field, making it a single-step all-in-focus denoising filter suitable for general-purpose light field rendering. We include results for different noise types and levels, through murky water and particulate matter, in real-world scenarios, and evaluated using a variety of metrics. We show that the hyperfan's performance scales with aperture count, and demonstrate the inclusion of aliased components for high-quality rendering.

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